North Island
Credit Union

bank rebrand



North Island Credit Union is a division of California Credit Union (CCU), a state-chartered credit union in Southern California that focuses on providing financial services to residents, teachers and others in the education community. Founded in 1940, North Island Credit Union serves consumers, businesses and investors in 15 locations.

The updated brand preserves the strong equity contained in the blue/yellow color palette, and the ocean sunset illustration. Modifications such as color adjustments, scaling, and font replacement have been made to the logo and to the entire brand. Partial capitalization of the logo helped to maintain the balance of the long name. The wave swoosh has been used as a secondary element throughout the brand.




Art direction

Rebrand, typography, illustration, page layout, UX/UI

Montserrat, OCRA

Logo, brand assets, brand guidelines, website, credit card

Candice Lopez
Bradford Prairie
Sean Bacon

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